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Freedom and happiness in a refined cup of tea

Article published on 03/05/2021 by The Podcast Journal.

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Liri Tea is not only French cultural diplomacy, but also a new and very refined taste to offer to the world.

The new French tea house Liri Tea, inspired by the Franco-Albanian origins of its young designer, has a taste of Freedom.

“Our tea is picked at an altitude of over 2000m in the mountains, where only eagles are free to live in all seasons. These are the symbol of freedom in Albania. This is why I wanted to call my house Liri which means Freedom. The two peoples, the French and the Albanian, share strong feelings for freedom. The Albanian flag bears an eagle and France is known around the world as the homeland of human rights. I am proud that these two cultures are part of me, that's why I wanted to promote them both by creating Liri Tea, even more in today's globalized world” confides Renée Karameti, creator of the house and graduate of Paris Dauphine University, to The Podcast Journal. After years of working with major luxury brands in Paris, she decided to give life to her idea of ​​a gourmet and cultural product with a strong European identity. She believes in the future of French excellence by adapting and multiplying its roots in the old continent. Her goal is to make Liri Tea a great French brand that would have its place in the world of haute cuisine.

From the mountains to your cup, this wild, untreated tea is a luxury product hand-picked by people in the mountains just once a year, in the summer. The tea stems are packaged in an artisanal way according to ancestral know-how. The Mountain tea is wrapped in embroidered, 100% cotton towels, which are hand-made by women in Albania. The tea is accompanied by wild mountain fruits such as blueberries and Cornelian cherries, for an exceptional tasting. The tea boxes carry with them a piece of culture and folklore because they are inspired by the traditional clothes of the women and men of this land of eagles. All these elements are put together according to the French concept of the high-end to offer customers a very refined quality product.

Indeed, a search on the website of the house as on its Instagram profile, showed us that the testimonials of the customers confirm the qualities of this infusion. Their photos and reviews praise the benefits on many levels to their health after consuming Liri Tea. Some have started their collection of embroidered napkins that they use every day to decorate their tables. Others gave original and exceptional gifts, and made people happy on a small budget. Liri Tea is therefore not only French cultural diplomacy, but also a new and very refined taste to offer to the world.

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