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A beautiful inauguration evening for La Demeure Club in Saint-Cloud!

The inauguration of LA DEMEURE CLUB in Saint-Cloud, last Monday, on March 28, brought together nearly 300 people.

LA DEMEURE CLUB is a unique place in Île-de-France.

Combining a beauty area and non-surgical aesthetic medicine treatments, it offers comprehensive care dedicated to beauty and well-being.

The result of the latest protocols and technological advances, it offers an exceptional experience through, in particular, a salt cave, visual stimulation, a flotation chamber, or massages with elixirs of semi-precious stones.

Liri Tea had the pleasure of participating in this wonderful event to celebrate, alongside Céline Foster and her team, the opening of these expansions.

Liri Tea infusions fit perfectly into the concept of this place dedicated to well-being. From the mountain to the cup, our wild infusions are picked by hand and presented in a haute couture case to offer you a very refined quality product. The many health benefits of our unprocessed infusions (rich in iron, theine-free, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system and fights against free radicals) will be presented exclusively at the SPA as well as in the tea room of La Demeure .

See you soon for a moment of relaxation and well-being in Saint-Cloud!

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