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Freedom. State of which is not subject to external constraints. Who acts according to the own will, according to the own nature.

The eagle, symbol of strength, resilience and freedom, is the bird that has the privilege of breathing the purest air, that of the highest altitudes. It only shares its habitat with other rare species as wild as it, including this mountain tea.

From the mountain to your cup, our wild infusions are hand-picked.

The flowers are dried according to ancestral know-how and wrapped in hand-embroidered cotton towels by women in Albania.

Your Liri Tea is accompanied by wild mountain fruits such as blueberries and cornelian cherries, for an exceptional taste.

Inspired by the traditional clothing of women and men, our boxes carry within them a piece of culture.

All these elements are put together according to the French concept of haut de gamme to offer you a very refined quality product.

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