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This morning we woke up with a light heart, summer is approaching fast and we are finally deconfined. Only a few more days before the terraces open again!

Some of us are already starting to dream of cool drinks to sip by the pool. Like a good ice tea, the great summer classic. There are a thousand and one recipes of Liri Tea as ice tea. With lemon, fruits, wild berries, a little honey or maple syrup for a sweeter taste and, of course, ice cubes!

Because Liri Tea is different from anything we are used to drinking. Its name means Freedom. Its fresh, delicate, sweet taste, with honey and peppery notes, is delicious and satisfying, with an appetite suppressant effect. Like a nice stroll, or a little getaway. Drinking Liri Tea means discovering an ancient well-being ritual from elsewhere. From Albania more precisely, this small Mediterranean paradise still little known to the public, where the beaches have nothing to envy to French Polynesia.

We went to look for plants and berries at more than two thousand meters above sea level in their natural habitat, with the aim of making you travel, because it is good for the body and the mind. We believe that just like freedom, well-being begins on the inside.

Liri Tea can accompany you everywhere. In an isotherme bottle, Liri Tea infuses in a blink of an eye. Two or three stems in a bottle, and you are sure to have a good source of hydration and antioxidants for your stroll or day at the office. Forget ready-made soda and iced teas, they contain added sugars and are too high in calories.

While waiting to return to a more normal life, we invite you to escape thanks to a cup of tea.

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