Festa - Mountain tea with wild blueberries

Festa - Mountain tea with wild blueberries


Bunch of 30g mountain tea (about 50 cups of tea) and 10g wild blueberries.

  • Story of Festa

    The richness of traditional Albanian costumes finds its peak of expression during festivals, whether national, religious or family. In the old days, all women took out their jewelry made from rows of gold coins, as well as their clothes embroidered with gold thread for these occasions. There are a multitude of different traditional female costumes, depending on the region, season or fortune. However, one element comes up very often, the jelek, a sleeveless vest, which plays the role of a decorative top.


    In this box, we offer you a different preparation of your mountain tea, by infusing it with some blueberries. Rich in vitamins A, B, C, flavonoids, minerals and trace elements, this berry has antioxidant properties, ophthalmo-regenerative properties, and helps resolve gastroenteric problems. Among the antioxidants it contains, pterostilbene, a natural stimulant of the immune system is very useful in fighting infections.

  • Details

    Box dimensions: 31 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm

    Net weight: 30g + 10g (about 50 cups of tea)

    Towel carefully embroidered by women in Albania, cut and ironed by hand, to make it an object that you can keep and reuse.

    100% cotton.